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I have a 1984 International 1900s with a dt466, single axle, 32000 gvw. How do I find the towing capacity, either pintle or fifth wheel.
Well basically you take your 32000 gvwr..however much makes it = that is it.

Based on 32000gvwr this is a single rear axle likely. And with the s identifier it used to be a school bus chassis. Making an RV?
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Wouldn't it be crazy if he responded with a thanks in a few days or so. :)
I posted a question on a boat forum like ten years ago and forgot about it.

I got an email notification. Almost thought it was spam.

I went to the post from the link in the email and the reply the notification was for was the only one.

I looked up my password, logged in and replied as if I had posted the original question ten minutes ago and it ignited a conversation that ended up 3 pages long within a few hours, and not a single person mentioned the ten year gap between the first and 2nd post. :D

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