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Drivers do you know that hwy 80 in Pennsylvania mighty be a TOLL WAY!!!
There is several proposition on tolls, hwy 95, hwy 80 in California to Nevada State Line.
And as we move into the future, we'll look to see that all highways may someday be a toll rd. I'm sure the highway to h*ll will be a toll road as well.
legislation is fighting this as they are saying it is wrong to toll an already built road. i don't see it happening. I-95 from fllorida to jersey is in the talks of toll road also. too many states involved for this too happen.
That would be depressing! I live in a state with no toll roads (Wisconsin) and don't have much good to say about the toll road system from a driver's perspective.
It is going to happen, government needs money. Trucking companies and truck drivers are easies target.
It is a darn shame to pay all that toll money on I 76 in PA and they can't even keep it clear of snow. Saw some nasty wrecks on that road last week.

Lets put the toll plazas in the drive ways of the congressmens homes. Not a good idea they probley have a prepass hooked to a state credit card. But while where there we can shut their electricity off and let them sleep in th heat and the cold.
Not only that, we should take away all their food and make them eat from vending machines. No more 3 martini lunches for them.....:spend:
i always thought that if any highway was built with federal monies, tolls could NOT be imposed. this is what happened in the state of Connecticut. the state put up toll plaza's, the feds made them take them down.

if however, any state can show good enough reason(s) to collect tolls for repairs, etc, maybe the fed's will give them this right to do so. its a changing economy/world, and we as either a nation, or group of people (truckers) will not be able to stop this from happening.
I know in state of Illinois driver were suing Government for paying taxes on Toll roads. As far I know they loose case. Nobody supported them. Government will continue supporting Tool Roads. Because, we pay taxes on toll roads, we should pay the same fees as small cars, or let them pay same fees as we pay(like the second idea, toll roads will disappear quickly)
just another thing that professional drivers should ban together to put a stop two we do have the power if we just use it shutdown jan3 to the 8th and let the country see what it is like without us feeding the market!!

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