This is How I Want To Go The Pearly Gates


In God We Trust
Being a Harley enthusiast and really just love the life and feeling of riding a bike, i have decided this is the way i want to leave this earth one last time. Of course the party first, naked women , plenty of alcoholic refreshments and a 21 rev salute and this one last ride out ...RoadKing


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Sounds a bit more adventurous than my own hopes for a pleasant end. When we're off the road, I love to tend to my garden. I always say I want to keel over in my tomato patch. That would be a good way to go for me.


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As much as like the wind in my hair, I think I would opt for the old go in my sleep option if you get to pick. I don't want to take anyone else with me when I go so I hope I'm not on the road when it happens.