Thinking About Going Solo


Grain Hauler
I currently work for a Grain Co. but am seriously thinking about buying my own truck simply because I'm tired of making someone else rich, so does anyone have any tips and/or suggestions that may be helpful? TIA in advance :]


Maddawg, if you think you will get rich having your own truck, WAKE UP!!!! Having your own truck is not the freedom you think it is. If you lease to a company, you have probaly 20% more say so then a company driver. Simple advice.....Go to the owner of the company you are working for now and tell him your plans. Ask him to show you his breakdowns, expenses, fuel bills, overhead, ins.costs, drivers turnover. DO NOT get atruck and put a driver in it. If you make this move,Always drive it yourselve. Been there done that,,believe me it ain't fun!!! Do your homework and really think hard b-4 you jump. I've been doing this 32 yrs as a O/O and co. driver. I have 1 truck and I drive it.
GOOD LUCK, my friend,, pls. get some other advice b-4 you do this.......

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