the last straw


tuneman, funny you should mention the truckers, as the last straw, I am an owner/operator and would like to set a few facts straight, at the moment I am looking at a sign in a truck stop in South Carolina that says diesel is $4.03 a gallon, now if I were to fill my tanks it would cost me $806.00 dollars, rates to my truck haven't risen for the past 6 years, the cost of a new truck has tripled in the past 5 years, repair costs have went up at least that, food showers and the necessities to live on the highway which for the most part we have to buy at the truck stops because most businesses [with the exception of wal mart] don't want some big ol truck taking up space in their parking lots is 30 to 40% higher than you would pay.
Then you take on the costly burdens that the new rules and regulations cost us, the anti trucking attitude you get from some states, of which Ohio is one, just an example is the split sped laws, each truck that goes thru Ohio loses over $125.00 per trip and it is much more dangerous having cars and trucks going at different speeds, theses along with many more issues are driving owner operators out of business!!!
In your post you mentioned that the truckers will be the last straw and will bring this nation to a halt, Well I first want to stress that the TRUCKERS Don't want this but thru unfair laws, High fuel prices, prices for everything associated with a truck including repairs, new equipment, road expenses, TAXES, all that border on extortion, ECT,ECT,ECT owner operators and small and mid sized companies are being run out of business to the tune of hundreds a day!!!!
We don't want to shut down but its getting to the point we HAVE too soon we are not making any profit anymore we are running for fuel money.
The truck drivers are discussing and organizing right now to try and do something to stop this craziness, there have been several small,regional shutdowns in the past several months and they have grown larger as the small groups see that they are not alone, April 1st. saw the largest event yet and is starting to catch the eye of the media and starting to worry a few elected officials, May is going to bring a much larger one, these are being done to show the government that we can stand together if forced too, so far they have caused little disruption but if nothing is done and soon to help this industry then more and more truckers will either be forced out of business of decide to shut down in a show of self preservation.

We could use everyones help in keeping a disaster from happening we would ask the EVERYONE call their state and federal representatives and ask them to talk to the Owner/ Operators and small companies and fix the problems that are plaguing the trucking industry, I would like you to remember that it isn't the truckers that want this but for many reasons out of our control we are being forced into this position.


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Great post Gearjammer. I am with you 100% !!! The Government officials need to be knocked off their high-horse. It is time that "The People" Take this country back, and quit taking crumbs. We are still having weekly meetings here in Central Ga. to dicuss what is going on and what our next move should be. EVERYONE PLEASE STICK TOGETHER and Hang in there. Together, We can make this work !!!!