Tesla Driver Busted Sleeping On Freeway going 82mph

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Third time's a charm...

A man was pulled over on May 16th by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office, who had been alerted to "a man in a black Tesla" who was "asleep at the wheel" on the interstate.

When a patrol car found the vehicle on the interstate, they noticed "the man at the wheel had his eyes lowered and his head turned, giving the distinct impression that he was not paying attention to the road," according to autoevolution.

The officer then put his lights on, before following the Tesla for two miles, waiting for the "driver" to wake up. Once he finally noticed that an officer was attempting to pull him over, the driver denied sleeping at the wheel and simply claimed he was "a little bit tired".


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with this stupid technology about driverless cars, and of course trucks, we can only see massive destruction coming.
This guy has been cited 3 times for sleeping in his Tesla while driving.

"Inatentive" Driving is like a Speeding Ticket.

If ya ask me a sleeping driver is worse than a drunk.

Atleast the drunk is awake and trying to operate the vehicle.

This guy was literally snoozing


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Frankly I can't wait to have a car with autopilot. I could get such an awesome nap on on my 2 hour commute to work. And home.

So should people buying cars with autopilot do what? Drive them anyway?

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You probably won’t down anymore than you currently do. There is no ROI for you.
Just finished a 34 reset and did not consume a single drink.

I went to Lifetime Health and Fitness bought a day pass and soaked my bones in the hot tub.

Ain't gonna lie either I went off the waterslide afew times that's the adolescent in me

Later I ordered a pizza and checked out an Asian market because I heard they eat all kinds of weird stuff.

Then back by the yard I walked around the Buisness park and an adjacent subdivision and looked at some half a million dollar homes and threw abuncha popcorn out for the birds

See ya don't necessarily gotta be buzzed to have a good time..


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Buddy in the Tesla admitted he was tired. Being behind the wheel tire is in fact impaired driving and he should have been charged accordingly.

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