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There have been no wide-scale strikes reported and many news reports suggest none are forthcoming. For example, the Rocky Mountain News pointed out “truckers are as organized as a herd of cats…they can’t agree on anything.”

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We keep hearing that the East Coast is shutting down but haven't seen anything here in the Mid-West. People we have talked to here had no idea that we were suppose to be shutting down. If we are going to do this, we need someone to organize it instead of just word of mouth on the CB. We need to get it across to the American public that for every cent that fuel goes up, the more they pay for everything. Before too much later there won't be anything on the shelves because the farmers can't afford to run their tractors, harvesters, etc to produce the food, industries won’t have the raw materials needed to produce anything, we can't afford to transport the goods, and the prices of things will just continue to go up until we are all in a Depression worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Too many of us are already in debt so deep that we will never see the light of day at this rate.

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