Taking the Step up into the Big Trucks

Hi Everybody,
Well, hubby and I are taking the big step next week and starting truck driving school at SMTI in Sevierville TN. Pretty excited as we have been "hot shotters" for the past 4 years.We enjoy the trucking lifestyle and decided we wanted to drive the big trucks as a team. Not sure who we will be driving for upon graduation but looking at Schneider and Werner. Would appreciate any feedback on these two or suggestions as to who else to look at. Be safe everyone!:)
Personally, I would run away like your butts on fire from Werner. I have heard so many stories. 5 guys in my original class a few years back now have all left there. One is actually still in a lawsuit with them. Be very cautious is all I am saying. I have never worked for them myself, so maybe I am just blowing smoke.
Schneider treats their teams very well, and their training is top notch. They give their teams newer equipment, and mainly drop and hooks.
another vote for Schneider if you guys are going to team as a husband/wife.
welcome to the forum. although i don't care for the "new" schneider, they have a top notch program for teams and their training is among the best in the industry. and i also reccommend to stay away from werner. they are a headache a bullet couldn't cure.
Thanks for the "Werner Warning". We still have some time before the big "Grad" day so maybe Schneider will have an opening in our area for teams.
You will not have a problem there. EVERYONE will have an opening for TEAMS! You are in demand. The truck never stops. THey never stop making money.
don't sell yourselves short and only concentrate on schneider. every company out there wants teams, so find one that is best for you and your old man. make a list of what your looking for (time home, pay, area run, equipment, etc..) and just start cold calling these compnies and ask questions. find out now before it's too late and your stuck with a company you don't like.

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