T600 vs 379

Which one is more of an icon?

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These two staples in the industry have been retired this year. The 379's legacy starting in 1987, while the T600 in 1985. Two trucks that started production at nearly the same time, and both ended in the same year. Now my question is which one is more of an icon for the trucking industry? They are both made by the same company, even though some of those lacking in the gray matter would argue(hint: look up PACCAR). It really comes down to a tough choice, one truck is a hard working fleet truck driven, the other is a staple in the owner operator community. One introduced aerodynamics to the industry, the other almost singlehandedly has kept the chrome and polish in style. Way back when, people would buy a Cadillac to show that they had made it, and were successful, the 379 still has that tradition.

It's a tough choice, trust me, but its a good discussion.


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Give me the choice, and I take the t600. I owned a t600 in the 90's and simply loved it. Very durable truck, very easy to maneuver in tight areas, and plenty of interior room.

Also have put many miles on a 3 different 379 Petes (all for the same company), and while they look good sitting in a truck stop and all polished up, I just never really liked the truck. To me, the rode worse than any other truck I drove, and they could be a royal pain in the ass at times in tight places.