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What is your overall opinion of the T/A Travel Centers? Years ago, they were called "Truck Stops Of America", but took on the name "Travel Centers" to become more friendly with the RV/Tourist traffic.

Granted, there are differences among each of them, and we can definitely have new threads to discuss each one on an individual basis, but overall, how to you rate the T/A's compared to other truck stops in terms of parking, food, fuel prices, convenience store, and all of the other aspects that are important to a truck driver?
I don't use Idle Air, so these truck stops that I one really liked, I have grown to really dislike. The one in Montgomery Alabama is a joke. You can pull in there at any point in the afternoon and you have tons of unused idle air parking places, and the small amount of parking they made available for other trucks is packed full.

I have noticed as well that the ones I have had the unpleasure of going into since the installation of Idle Air everywhere seems to put those who don't use the service at the back of the lot.

There is one that I stop at every other week, sometimes more often, in Cottondale Alabama, long enough to get Taco Bell, and occasionally to sleep at if I am really tired. This is about the only one I will go into among those that I drive by with my current job though.
i agree. T/A used to be my favorite place to stop. ever since idle air i have greatly changed my mind on them. plus they are just getting dirtier and dirtier. the parking lots are filed with pee stains or bottles in several of them i have stopped at before. just disgusting.

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