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SWIFT trucks are all governed at 65


trucks are all governed at 65 i guess for insurance reasons because of all the students they put on the road over all there a Good company and if your new or just got your CDL this is the company to go to Ive never been
siting waiting for a lode in fact Ive been solo for 3 months and Ive been averaging 2800-t0-3500 miles a week people don't under stand about the way you get rated in a company if u turn down lodes you go down the list i never turn down a lode last time i was out 1st lode 200 mi run as soon as i was mt i sent message to my D M as fast as it took 4 qulcom to beep had preplan going 2200 miles they ran me around IL.-MO. -IN. WAS OUT ABOUT 15 DAYS told D M to start routing me home soon, gave me a lode no body wanted 50 mi in to Chicago :confused: 45000 lb and backed me up with a lode picking up 40 mi. from from drop going 1/2 mi.from home u got to do the crap to get the good ones one thing about swift last month mt no moor then 30 mi some mt 1 mi 3 mi :eek:
You must be a driver who has a future with the company. Would like to say that the trucks only do 64, when the cruise is off and 62, when using the cruise. And this is enough to make a difference to your daily average outside a 55 state. Still gonna have to put up with the reputation anyway.
they ? tell me .. my fleets speed , is 68-69... dang, thats going to be s-l-o-w.
i pick the new truck up wed, night.... yuck.

a big yellow pete.

sheesh, they just caint stop ? trying to take the fun outta truckin.

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