Swift-owned trailer's $8 million in pot sets California record

The California Highway Patrol reportedly found $8 million worth of marijuana after pulling over a Swift Transportation-owned truck and trailer on Tuesday, March 11, in Calexico, CA. The 11,000 pound bust was the largest CHP troopers could recall, the Yuma Sun reported.



two things come to mind, one it is a shining example of the cross border program and two, Swift will haul ANYTHING

the saint

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thats not good news,my step son just started training with swift,I guess I should have talked him into looking at different companies,how does one even hide that much pot?yikes!!

Open Road

I was just there in January. Wow.

Why would they be so stupid?

I wonder who was responsible. Hell, as far as Swift is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if they set it up.