Sports Talk Live #2


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I think Kassian should stick to fighting the entire Calgary Flames bench.... I can appreciate that.... But this is low, and worth more than the 7 games he's getting suspended. You don't ****ing kick in hockey. Ever. Unless it's the puck.



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He had what is basically a pacemaker put in.... I think his career is probably over, a lot like Rich Peverley's end in 2014 when he went down on the Stars bench.

I hate to see anyone's career end like that... But he's still here, and maybe has a new perspective on life.... If Bill Masterton remains the only guy to die as a result of playing the game, then hockey is doing it right. Props to the med experts on staff.
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True enough, there are a lot of sports to fill in the pre and post-season of baseball.
Only a month left until real baseball starts. :thumbsup: