Sports Talk Live #2

4mer Trucker

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Hello to all of U long term Truckers Forum Members, would like to see if any of U share a interest in the Sports World

A bunch of us including @Young 68, @KillingTime, @Rank, the one and only @Shogun Warrior, @tony97905, @Tramm01, @Shock Therapy and @Westbound23 long with others( sorry if I missed U) have participated in it for a few years

Some of "Activities" include a NFL Weekly Pool, MLB Playoff Pool, NHL Playoff along with a College Football Bowl and Playoff Pool.....all these Pools are free and for "Bragging Rights" only. At this time we'll be looking for people interested in the College Football Pool if there's interest here, please let me know if Ur inclined

We also have been know to have a running discussion while the Games are being played.....everyone is invited to join in

See Ya soon
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