Speed Increase

I would like to know if anybody has a simple way to increase the goverened speed on a big truck. I tried a product called a faster truck but to no avail. Any vialble suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You have to find someone with the capabilities of hooking into the truck's computer and changing the speed setting.
Yeah but even then it takes average speed. If your company trucks are set at 65, your average would be 57mph, and if your averaging 60-62, you've been going 70. It also registers the top speed you have ever gone. Incase you're wondering they dont look kindly at 90.
Without stating the obvious of course you don’t want to get caught. Of course you have to find someone to hook in the computer, more specifically what you want is to change the programming your self with the ability to change it back. So in other words I’m looking for the program software and the ability to obtain the software myself.
All companies are different. Our trucks are governed, but they don't look at your average speed or anything else for that matter. They just don't allow our log books to show over 68 MPH. Some companies actually track how fast the truck was truly going, and the top speed the truck has reached.

As for the software though, I don't know of anything that can be used for this other than the actual tools that a tech would have that hooks into the computer, which is very expensive. There are people out there that have these things and will do this for you (for a fee of course).

I don't think there is any simple software that you can get though for this. I might be mistaken though
Not that I condone this, but if you truly must be unlocked, look up the wizard at the pilot in east st louis.
It's your thing, but if I may suggest, leave it alone man. It's a recipe for trouble to alter the gov. But if you must, be careful.
for all giving advice, be forwarned. as you to may be held liable if an accident occurs, that can be traced back to you. i.e. "he told me....." funnier thing have happened. C.Y.A.

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