solo or team?


hey guys and gals, im wondering which is best . is it more bucks,team driving,or more headachs??:cool:
I like being alone, and if I had to share my truck with another person I would go insane. I have my stuff where I like it, I like to stop where I want, and I don't have to be nice to you if you aren't in my truck. Now if you can stand it, teams get better treatment. Were talking mainly drop and hooks, newer trucks, better loads. You can try it, if you don't like it you could always stop. If you go with a trainer it will be similar to team driving.
No problem sharing my truck with Jessica Simpson but I do not think she would like my driving or the long trips. I would make it worth her while though!!!

Well my answer is NO I like to drive by myself also

I was talking with Jess, she said she would run with you after me and her get done with a couple of long hauls. :)

After Drew Barrymoore and myself stopped hauling team, I sort of like solo runs now. :p
Hubby drives solo. We rode together for a year and had a great time but he wouldn't want to spend that much time being that confined with most other people. In fact, other than myself and our kids, there isn't anyone.
I've done both and with the right co-driver running team can be great. There has to be mutual trust and respect. Not only for privacy but for each others personal stuff.
Personal stuff is one of my biggest problems. I carry alot of "stuff" on my truck. The fridge space is just enough for my stuff, no room for a 2nd person. The closet space is full of "my stuff", and I can't think of anything I would want to leave at home to accomodate another driver. And I don't wan to adjust the seat every time I get into it.

Oh, and I like the truck to be stationary when I am sleeping. :)
My ex is considering team driving, however I think that both have their pros and cons. Personally I prefer alone.

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