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i highly recommend that if ya ever need to have any surgery, get any sports package on yer cable.

back in the early 1970's, i had to have a double hernia operation. i had no cable back then, heck, cable wasn't even in my state.

all we had back then where a few VHF and UHF tv channels....

i musta watched every one of 'em summana guns soap the point that i knew when Rosemary's baby was going to be exorcised by the priest, and Woody Allen was gonna be the father.


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I've been ignoring @Keendriver and @ironpony for years...
Although I do use their likenesses for motivation at the range.
And I'm not the only one...
I sell a LOT of paper targets on ebay.
But Keendriver is the wisest of the wise. He told his followers or follower wannabes so hisself. Further, he has a clear head and violating his copyrighted head likeness with bullets will not act as some sort of proxy for clearing his already clear head. Please don't make an idol a leadhead or copperhead.


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Just pointing out that jethro Tull wasn’t a Beverly Hillbilly
That's... not out of the range of possibilities. Tull was formed in '67, and the Hillbillies aired until '71.

Maybe Jethro got a serious makeover, voice change out, accent implant, brain transplant...


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