Snowflake Truckers

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I have Bosc pears. Lots of them..
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And you ****ing people...Gawd!
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My youngest did that last night because he reckoned if he could sleep in his clothes he wouldn't have to get dressed in the morning.


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Well....h*ll if you want to meet me shake my hand .....but dont run over me with that big truck. Snowflake almost t boned me coming out of the truck stop.


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How did you know it was @snowflake? Did she stop? 🤔
No he did not stop .....think he was still asleep behind the wheel. Went across both east and west hwy to get on the road. Look I don't mind giving any trucker the hwy or even stopping to give them a helping hand .......but when it comes to t boning me that a whole different program. I felt same way had it been a car or pickup. Matter of fact used cussing too.....****weed ......with crackerbox attuide. I gased my old buggy to save my hide.
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Hates all of you
I've been ignoring @Keendriver and @ironpony for years...
Although I do use their likenesses for motivation at the range.
And I'm not the only one...
I sell a LOT of paper targets on ebay.

"Sweets"....... :rolllaugh3:



This right here, why is a forum member allowed to tell a mod to go **** himself?

Everyone must abide by the rules member.


Good thing... you'd have to be the Missus.

I have pulled no punch about being the ***** in bed. Just remember who’s the MAN in the streets.
and, "as the world turns", we can only pray that Ryan's Hope will get us thru "The days of our lives", and many of the "bold and beautiful" along with "all my children", will fall fast alseep at "The Edge of Night".., waking up in the early morning hours not worried about being a "rich man or poor man".
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