Smartphone app will help Iowa CDL applicants study for exams


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Iowa is faced with a CDL problem: Too many applicants are failing the exams. To address the issue, the Iowa Department of Transportation is teaming up with a technology company to develop a study app for future CDL holders.

According to Mindi Nguyen, IDOT project manager, the state that ranks fourth in commerce transport drivers recently noticed an unusually high rate of failed exams.

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I have not seen the questions on the Iowa test. It could have more to do with the way the questions are worded for the failure rate.

Ontario is just ****ed with the wording, Like it was written by someone that had no clue and was trying to look smart. I have been driving for 22 years and I know the airbrake system and the rules of the road and still I will sit there during my rewrite every 5 years and wonder, What in the **** are they trying to ask here?:confused-96: