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Ok I have a question and figured y'all would know as good as anyone. I am in the market for a new cell phone, and i am looking at some of these smart phones. question i have is wich one is considered to be the better one. it has to have bluetooth and at least a camera on it. and the other question i had is what makes these better than just a regular phone?

All i really use my phone for is talking and taking pictures of interesting things i encounter along my travels. but a lot of folks have been telling me i need to get a smart phone and how they are so much better than just a regular phone.

Any and all anwsers are greatly appreciated in advance since i don't know when i will be back on here again.


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I don't know what phones are considered "smart phones", but I have a Samsung this is a camera phone as well as bluetooth compatible and has internet capabilities. I like having the bluetooth features, but other than that all I do is call people with it and use it as my alarm clock.


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yeah, make sure when you shop around a bit the phone's camera takes 2meg or 3 meg pictures. Speaker phone is a huge plus for me and of course blue tooth if you want to go hands free is a great feature. Just depends really on what you use it for. My next phone is going to be a iphone. Like a mini computer with a easy interface and every feature you can ask for. All its really missing is gps, hoping for the next model to have it.


Don't really know about "smart phones". I use Nokia N80 and it's got so many features that I've beginning to miss my previous one. All I really need in the phone is BT, calender, alarm clock, camera and text message. That's it.
N80 has 3 meg cam in it and it's quite useful. Though there's always the trouble of transferring the pics to the computer but that's just me being lazy. The internet option is there too but the times I've used it, can be counted with 5 fingers.

GPS on the phones these days is useless. Because the screen size, it's difficult to use.

If you want the phone to be "idiot proof", make sure that it hasn't got any useless features, just the ones you're going to use.
BT, cam (pref. 5meg), alarm clock and easy to use calender. That's it.
But this is just my opinion.



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A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone, often with PC-like functionality.

There is no industry standards definition of a smartphone.

For some, a smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers.

For others, a smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features.

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Mine is kinda old now but I have the Razor from Verizon, it works everyplace I go even in elavators ( go figure). It has speaker, Bluetooth, Camera and takes good pic's. and has a large display screen. Which is good when your doing 80 down I87 and need to see who's calling. I find it's real easy to use also. Couldn't tell ya if it was a smartPhone or not, it don't say much. Although the voices that come out of it aren't so smart.


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Well what i always figured a smart phone was was like what pro1driver described. the current phone has what i need but has seen better days wich is why i need a new one. but i was just wondering if someone had used one of those mini computers with all the stuff on em and found them to be really usefull or just crap.

Personally the more i have been looking at them the more i am not to keen on them. to much stuff that i don't need. i have looked at blackberrys and the like but they make you purchase a special plan that would end up costing over 100 dollars per month. so i think what i will more than likely end up doing is sticking with just a phone that has them few things i need on it since i have a lap top anyways.

Thanks for the replies though guys.

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