Sitton Motor Lines


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What about Sitton Motor Lines? I'm thinking on making a job change to a larger company, since the owner operator I work for now is having a hard time dealing with the fuel prices. I've been pulling a refer van for the last three years and don't have a hz endorsement and don't want it. I 'm 62 and in good health but some companies shy away from older people because they think your a liability. Does anybody have any suggestions on what companies to look at.


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I don't know specific companies to look at, but I would try to stay with a smaller company. At least with a smaller company, you'll have a chance to talk with an owner and that will give you a chance to show that you have alot to offer. With a larger company, lots of time, people aren't given the same chance.


I worked at Sitton Motor Lines for 2 years and was looking to retire there.They are like a family,very easy going and relaxed.The other drivers and the management people will also bend over backwards to help you.The only problem I had with them was that after a year and a half my miles started dropping off.If you can deal with making 400.00 a week you will be ok.I only quit them because of the miles and the fact that live in Kentucky and it was hard for them to get me home