Shout out from Indiana


Drivers unite
Hey drivers, I'm new here, but I'm rabidly searching for any forums filled with guys like me. I support this shutdown 110%, I'm in NW Indiana and something has to give, we are all dying a slow death. Is anyone planning anything in Indiana anywhere like what they have in GA and PA? If not, we need to band together and get this thing going. This area is the hottest for freight right now, if this shuts down so does much of the manufactured homes and steel, our shutting down could have a real impact on the industry. I'm looking forward to getting through this with other truckers in the same boat. Lets stand and unite and make a difference!
YIKES! You're in fuel hell!!!! If you're ever out this way, definitely drop us a line, we'll leave the light on for ya :)
yeah, the fuel is the fuel.. nothing you can do about it. Whole cost of living is way the hell up out here. I intend on trying stay in touch and chat it up where ever I end up.

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