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I want to know your opinion!! Should we buy cold busters? Is it worth it?
How along you keep your truck? Should manufacturers install them, and price should be included in truck(should be standard) Should government pay for COLD BUSTERS IF THEY PAST RULES
in states with no idle rules. Let me know drivers what you think, maybe I`m wrong.
Cold Buster

Cold buster is small engine on the side of truck running your heating, a/c
and keep main engine warm. Cost of the engine is 6000 to 8000 thousand dollars.
Ok, gotcha.

Personally, I think these things should be on all trucks. Our company is buying all of their new trucks with the thermoking tripack APU's. Uses less fuel, and is much better on the environment.

If I was buying a new truck of my own, I would plan on having one of these installed from the very beginning.
What's the con on this? I mean it sounds like something useful. Is it less costly to run than idling? If so, why wouldn't you want to do it?
might be a neccessaty(sp) here shortly. from what i hear california passed a law starting next year trucks can only idle 5 minutes an hour and looks like more states are gonna jump on the bandwagon. :pissed:

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