Semi Drags 78-Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair


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Wasn't there another accident almost like this one a while back? WOW!

Semi Drags 78-Year-Old Woman In Wheelchair

PORTLAND - A 78-year-old woman in a wheelchair is in serious condition after being hit by a semi-truck.
Police say the truck was turning onto Holgate from Southeast 82nd Avenue, one of the busiest traffic spots in southeast Portland. That was Friday afternoon about 3 p.m.
The truck, driven by 60-year-old Randall Bubb, hit Ursala Knierim as she was crossing the street. The chair caught on the truck, and the truck dragged her for about 60 feet.
No citations were issued. Police are still investigating.


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The similar accident was several months ago. The guys wheelchair caught onto the front of the truck. The guy was ok. He just got a free long and scary ride of several miles on the front of the truck before someone got the truckers attention to stop.


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It's hard enough to stay avoid getting hit in truck stops with good legs, I couldn't imagine getting anywhere near a truck in a wheelchair. Hope the lady recovers from this.


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Judging from the picture, it looks like the lady had a worse ride than the guy it happened to previosly. The other guy went for a ride and was interviewed after. He didn't make a big deal out of it. Hope the lady is ok though.

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