See stupid steering wheel holder? Snap a pic and post it!


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We're not supposed to be on HCRH and that bridge is weight restricted for us at 52,000 pounds. No idea why he'd try to turn right onto that bridge unless he panicked because he (finally) saw the length restriction for HCRH ( 30 ft, if I'm remembering it right).

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You got the wrong pix........'taint the Stark str, it was the Troutdale brige.


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It's all about Focus. As someone who has done a fair number of ride-alongs, what I noticed is that the best drivers are able to keep their focus outside the truck even in stressful situations. The tech dependent idiots, their focus would drop in, and chaos ensues.


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You got the wrong pix........'taint the Stark str, it was the Troutdale brige.
You're right. It's the one closer in that comes off the end of Halsey. Locals call it the Halsey St Bridge because the freeway bridge is called Troutdale Bridge...locally.

But he still wasn't supposed to be on it. There's nowhere in Troutdale on the side of the bridge he was headed for that we can't get to from where the truck stops are.


Deputies said the truck driver was not injured. He was cited on charges of careless driving, failure to drive in a lane and impeding traffic.


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Hey Hammer, when did JB Hunt start haulin cars? Passed one of them this mornin
Way way waaaay back in the earliest of the 90's they hauled vans in.....vans outta Ocala.
Not exactly the same ballpark but a variation of the same sport.

Plus, they actually could slide their 5th wheels........