See stupid steering wheel holder? Snap a pic and post it!


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This thread is where we'll post pictures of people doing all the things that make the trucking industry suck. Stupid, rude, obnoxious, or just plain dumb and lazy.

Oh, and I've done this sort of thing before, so if anyone wants to get all offended, and make excuses for stupidity and rationalize crap like this, just save it, and go back to the What's For Supper thread. Criticism like this should be used for two things: 1- to improve awareness of safety, and 2- improve the industry overall. If that happens by making stupid people feel stupid well...isn't the betterment of the industry as a whole worth some hurt feelings? Stupid should be treated as such. Political correctness and "tolerance" have made us forget that.

Now, that said, I was going to get on the radio and tell Swifty here what the issue was, but the two fat...and and I do mean fat women in the cab looked way too engaged in their conversation about something that I'm sure was MUCH more important to I just blew the doors off and went on.

It's not up to me to do their periodic walk arounds for them.

Plus had they done their OWN damn walk around, they'd have noticed this, and honestly, even if you're a useless steering wheel holding van driver, with your automatic transmission and drop and hook only abilities -- what does it take to buy a few tail lights, and throw them in to save your CSA score a bit? I've already been dinked by CSA a bit, but I'm pretty high-profile a lot. And still in retrospect, there's things I could have done to prevent whats happened to me. Mostly. I'll eat that.

That's the thing about CSA. A driver CAN prevent a LOT of the dumb crap just by putting forth a little more effort. I guess that's too much for some. I hope idiots like this are all gone soon.


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I saw stupid today but couldn't get a picture of it. You really don't need one either.

I'm headed up towards Detoilet last night. As I'm coming up to the Misheetgan border there on 280 I ask the SB lanes what it was looking like and if the coup was open. Driver came back with the coup is all locked up but you have a full grown on the over-pass at exit 2 shootin' ya in the face. 10-4, I back it down to 63 once I hit the border and sure as hell, the bear is sitting in plain sight, visibly running radar. As soon as refocus my attention towards the heaved sections of concrete they call I-75 this idiot in a Freightliner comes freakin' blowing past me. He had to have been doing 70. Well, he gets about a mile and half up the road, I check my mirrors and here comes the full grown, wide open and knocking at his back door. Well, he didn't knock right a way, he let him get about .5 mile from the coup and got him there. Not only did this idiot get a ticket, I'm sure he got a roadside as well, seeing how he was pulled over at the entrance of the scale house and his shaker was a piece of garbage that barely looked road worthy and he had some ratty a$$ container on some ratty a$$ dolly to boot.

I see two things wrong with this stoopid driver....

One, he didn't have a radio or it wasn't on. Stupid in my opinion. You don't need to have it blasting in your ear but CBs are useful tools of our trade that come in handy for things other than cops. Accidents, detours, weather, maybe even possibly help from another driver.

Two, he was screwing around in Michigan. Of all the states, Michigan! They hate trucks! He wasn't paying any attention to his surroundings and blew past a cop doing well over the 60 mph truck speed limit...... idiot. I didn't see him parked out back when I was headed opposite direction so he must have made it by.


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Was this you or someone you know?

Truck driver drags boulder from Cascade Station onto I-205

A landscaper working at the Cascade Station shopping center by the Portland International Airport solved a bit of mystery Saturday when he discovered that a large boulder in the turnaround near IKEA had disappeared.

The landscaper followed the large drag and scrape marks in the dirt and along the pavement all the way onto I-205 southbound where he saw a semi-truck, stuck, with a large boulder underneath it....

Read the rest of the story here


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I didn't get a pic. But I spotted one today.

I was on Damen Ave in Chicago, somewhere between I-55 & I-290. Even though I was in a car, I noticed the "13 foot" signs. There's a tunnel about 300 yds long, going under a bunch of train tracks. I knew there was a low clearance somewhere along that stretch of Damen but didn't know exactly where.

We got to the other side and there's a K&B Transportation truck sitting there with a topless trailer. He peeled the whole top off of his reefer.

If he had a refrigerated load, it's going to waste.


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I don't have pictures of either of these but,

I used to be a partner in a trucking company in Wisconsin. We had a driver that went everywhere like his hair was on fire but he always got the loads where they were supposed to be, the customers loved him and he kept the truck looking like the day it rolled off the assembly line. Anyhow he was wired all the time but passed every drug test we sent him for and even the observed ones so he wasn't cheating it as far as we could tell. Anyhow, we're sitting there in the office one afternoon and the phone rings, it's the driver in a panic at Bosselmans (now Pilot) in Des Moines, he pulled into the fuel island and ran inside to do whatever, he authorizes the pump and comes out to find his truck gone. He's having a complete meltdown meanwhile another line rings and I answer it. Well it's the manager of the Blue Beacon at Bosselmans in Des Moines, seems as though one of our trucks has just backed into his car as well as two of his employees shoving them into a very large boulder. They can't find the driver and the door on the truck is locked. I asked him to hold on a minute and told the other guy to tell the driver to walk back outside and head towards the Blue Beacon, the cops would meet him there to take his report. ($47,000 +/- in damages)

A couple years ago while laid off for the winter at my motorcycle job I went to work for a heavy haul outfit out of Ft. Worth, TX. I went to the terminal in Gainsville for orientation then sat in the motel for another week while they got my brand spanking new shiny red Peterbilt 387 4 axle heavy haul tractor set up. So I finally get a call from the shop that I was ready to roll, the truck had all of 93 miles on the odometer. I spend that morning getting ready to roll and my first dispatch was to deadhead north, way waaaay north to Fort Mcmurray BC. So I got the trailer all decked up and ready to roll with a handful of un-laiden permits in hand. Just as I'm rolling towards the gate my QC beeps and I need to call the office right away. Turns out they had a track for a self propelled drilling rig in the yard right there where I was at that needed to go to Enid, OK. So a couple hours later and I'm on the road proud of my new ride.

I get to the place in Enid about midnight and park at the gate. I get a knock on the door at 04:00 and they guy tells me to pull down to the crane, he'll set the track off and load the one going back. I told him I didn't know anything about the one going back so he said he'll at least get this one off. We unload it, deck the trailer and I head out to the Shell truckstop (I didn't know it was closed down and I really needed coffee) I get there and pull in between a couple other trucks and go to bed. I had my alarm set for 10:00 so I could check with my DM to see if I was in fact supposed to get that piece.

At 09:28 I wake to my truck getting bumped. I open the curtain and the Corsicana Bedding truck that was parked to my left was turning right in front of me and had just bumped my pogo on the bumper and my drivers mirror. I sat back down to get dressed and just as I got 1 shoe on all hell broke loose. I jumped out of the sleeper and this guys trailer was in my drivers seat, the hood was next to the truck and he had the tandems hopping about 30 miles an hour. I grab my phone as I bail out the passengers door dialing 911 and start running out in front of this cats truck yelling and waiving my arms. He's still trying to leave and drag all 93,000# of my truck and trailer with him. I grabbed the drivers door and yanked it open, turned the key (older Pete) and took it. Meanwhile the 911 dispatcher is telling me that if we're not on a public roadway and no one is injured that they won't respond unless an officer happens to have time. I explained to her that if there wasn't an office in route already then go ahead and dispatch one for a murder because I was going back to my truck and getting my .38 and putting this _____________ out of his misery. Within 3 minutes I had an Oklahoma State Trooper, 2 county cops and even a city cop there.

This driver had the nerve to tell me I shouldn't have parked there, to which I explained that the lot was full except for this parking spot (I was in an actual spot) and that most of the trucks are gone including the one that was parked to his left and I don't see anyone elses hoods, radiators, engines, cabs tore off including his. Then he starts whining that he's not going to get his annual bonus for Christmas. At that point I walked away before I got arrested for giving him a bonus.

Anyway to make a long story longer, my first day on the job actually driving with a brand new $170,000 heavy haul rig with 318 miles on the odometer and I had to call the boss and tell him that I would need a wrecker to finish my run. They sent a lowboy out of Ft. Worth to haul the truck back to Peterbilt in Dallas and another truck to get my trailer. I wound up in the motel for another week and the insurance company totaled the truck. The shop foreman wouldn't let me have another truck for 7 days because he said they only allow 1 totalled truck per driver per week and I had met my allotment the first day. All was good, the owner and GM of the company were only concerned that I was okay. The people at the Gainesville terminal still laugh about it and last I heard the Corsicana driver had actually applied for a job there but even though the GM wanted to hire him just so he could fire him the insurance company wouldn't accept him.


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Am I the only one here who has never had my hood taken off or my tractor backed into at a truck stop?

The funniest one I ever saw was a LandAir get the left corner of his front fender taken off by one of those guys driving a beautiful reefer of those with the whole trailer polished up. Seems he copped a major 'tude because he couldn't squeeze between me (in a Swift company Volvo) and... I forget which company it was to my right. There was a spot and a half worth of space between me and the guy to my right. Independent guy with the gorgeous truck tried a few times and gave up. He hammered down through the lot and raked the left side of his trailer and trailer tandems across the left front of the LandAir truck. This happened at that little truck stop in Front Royal. The guy in the pretty polished up rig admitted he got p***ed.

I got a phone call a couple of years after all this from the insurance company. Apparently, the LandAir guy tried to say he was inside the truck when it was hit. I distinctly remember having to send another driver into the truck stop to get him after his truck was hit. Sorry, but I won't lie for anybody.


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Your truck is louder than mine with straight pipes!


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I wish I would have had a camera on my phone years ago for some of the stupid things I've seen.

I arrived at work one day and found a rig parked on the hill in front of the plant with about half of the trailer contents dumped out on the blacktop. One trailer door was still hanging on by only by one top hinge, the other was under the 1500lb pallets. The driver was doing a D&H taking a trailer that had been sitting in the yard for a few days. He said he was rolling down the hill backwards and spiking the brakes trying to get the foot of snow to slide off the roof.

We watched a Swift driver trying to back into the dock not very successfully. His 4th or 5th attempt had us worried that he might take out the dock signal lights but our worries were unfounded. When the left rear of the trailer plowed into the wall 6 feet to the left of the dock doors the lights were safely inside the trailer. He finally gave up and pulled the truck forward then asked if one of us could back his rig in. The guy running the yard jockey that night told him we could help but we weren't going to touch the tractor. If he would drop it Rob would back it in with our jockey. The driver went out and dropped it. It would have been helpful if he would have cranked the landing gear down first though. We were falling all over the place laughing when he walked up "Hey guys, don't bust my balls, it's the first time I've ever tried to back one of those things up."

Some engineering genius has a curb 18-24 inches high sticking out at a point in a bad place at our facility. It isn't hidden in any way so most drivers see it and swing wide to avoid it but every now and them someone will drag the trailer tandems over it. Those of us that work out there spotting trailers have complained about it but you all know how well that works. It may well be there to keep the really stupid drivers away from the water tower anyway.

I was on vacation and the guy I normally work with sent me a text message saying that some Swift driver had slammed a loaded trailer into the curb hard enough to knock it off the fifth wheel. We guessed he didn't tug test so it was just waiting for an excuse to fall off. He HAND CRANKED the trailer loaded with 42,000 pounds high enough so Rob could get the yard tractor under it and lift it. Eventually they got it hooked back to the Swift tractor. As he was headed for the scales he hit the curb by the power transformers and again dropped the trailer on the pavement. Repeat the cranking, lift and attaching procedure. Rob mentioned that perhaps the guy had damaged the fifth wheel somehow. The driver didn't think so and headed for the scales again. The third time the landing gear hit the pavement Rob locked the office door, turned off the lights and went to the far end of the plant to take a very long smoke break.


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I've met some Swift drivers and even some Werner drivers that were good at what they do and intelligent, clean and decent. I feel badly for them because they must the the few that keep the company going. The company logo doesn't mean any of us can't do something boneheaded once in a while. I've done my share of things.

I came within inches of taking the front clip off a parked KW one night. I was working alone and running my butt off. I went out to pull the trailers I loaded and bring in another batch of empties. As I was making a fast turn to get lined up with an empty spot realized there was a KW beside the roll-off dumpster I was swinging around. By the time I got stopped the middle of the trailer was only about 2 inches from the hood. I have to give the driver credit for calmness. He reached out the window and held up a finger, (NO NOT THAT finger), the index finger which generally means "just a second". He turned on all the clearance and parking lights to help me out and went back to eating his sandwich. I finished parking the trailer and went to check my shorts for anything that didn't belong in them.

One of the guys I work with came up with the acronym for Swift. So Whad I F***up Today? You have to say it like bubba (Who's auntie/mama and uncle/dad can't trace their ancestry beyond 3 generations of neanderthals) would enunciate it.

A lady that works in the office was on the phone with security and said to me, "There's a wiener backing into the door for load 5. Dammit, now you guys have me calling them wieners. I'll end up saying it to a driver and get fired." When the driver had backed in (about a 40 minute process that time) the driver came in to verify his destination. He walked up to the open window and announced "Picking up for Wiener going to California." The guard had been on speaker and the driver had overheard most of what she said. I figured it took that long to back in because the driver was laughing so hard.


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Shot from the cab of our yard dog so the curb height appearance is deceiving. PAM driver dragged his trailer over that curb at about 15 mph. That curb is about 24 inches high at that point. He probably thought he hit a speed bump.

Next is a USA driver. When I bring a trailer to the dock I generally find it easier to back in, this was a new technique to me but judging by the condition of the fairings it isn't a new one for him.


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I couldn't get a pic... so leave it to your imagination cuz it looked sumpin like this only straighter...

Prime flat bed laying on the passenger side north of Knoxville off 59...



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How about this Werner driver.

"She just done went and laid down on me!"


I don't get it. A straight stretch of road, a clear, calm day, and here is this rig just laying there, taking a nap.

Must have used up his 14, and was taking the 10.

Hell, maybe even a 34.
who in the hell could flip a truck on it's side:confused-96: oh wait a min id'e be surprized:D

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