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Schneider National


Feb 1, 2007
Schneider National offers truck driving jobs for experience and inexperienced drivers, recent driving school graduates, programs for people separating from the military, and owner operators.

Schneider National's starting pay for company drivers is based on experience. The range typically starts out at 27 cents per mile for inexperienced drivers, climbing to 39 cents per mile if you have 7-8 years driving experience. From there you are eligible for a longevity raise of 1/2 cent every other year, for up to 30 years with the company.

As a driver of Schneider National, you have career choices of pulling vans, flatbeds, or even tanks/bulk. Positions are available for long haul driver, regional drivers, teams, and some local positions depending on location.

Benefits - Schneider National offers many employee benefits including health insurance, life insurance, retirement, personal time, financial, and more.

For more information, visit their website.

Do you work for this company, or have you worked for it in the past? Give a review here. If you have questions, post them here as well for drivers who are familiar with the company to answer if possible.
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Feb 1, 2007
Pretty good company to work for. I went with them after taking a couple months off the road (long vacation). Listened to some people here talk about them, as well, as other Schneider drivers and other forums.

After weeding through the typical whining that you hear at all trucking forums, I heard quite a few things I liked about this place, gave them a try, and have been out here now for right at two months and everything has been good.

Only complaint I would have, and it isn't much of one, is they do have some old trailers that you run across now and then.
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Apr 4, 2008
San Diego, CA
After a lot of internet research and word of mouth asking around, I am going to Schneider National CDL training School. The only negative I found is that they will charge me $500 to stay in a Motel whether I like it or not. I live 10 minutes away!!!!

Umm Hello? That should throw up a read flag. At least they coulda lied to you and say it's was to cover fuel for training! Something. I worked for SNI, and did their training. Training was tough, not learning just doing it. it was 250 miles away, and still had my own bills to cover to live with bs pay. The only complaints I have with SNI is 62mph, everyone on the road hates you except Swifty and JB Scunt's. But the reason I left was my dispatch dude liked to lie and mislead. And I always had a tough time getting my paycheck to match what they paid me. My numbers were always higher. I tried but never got a real straight answer.

Great school I went to in PA good people. Wish I could remember my road trainer's name. He was awsome, ex military and a funny guy who told you how it was. Infact he sent 3 mates home because he knew they didn't belong driving a big truck. Kudos trainer guy,
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