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Schneider Lease Drivers Please Comment


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I have heard the war drums and understand the dangers of lease contracts with a company that books the loads. I understand whole heartedly. HOWEVER, I continue to have short conversations with drivers that have leased onto Schneider that almost unanimously tell me that they are loving there lease deals with SNI. They seemed to appreciate this deal while others just seem to be cons. Well, I never really cared the specifics or clarification until now. Is this true? Is this one of those "well some lease deals are good" kinda companies? (If not, what are they?).

Here is why I am considering it at all. It may be my only option to get into my own truck at all. I have heard from inside SNI and from drivers themselves that this program can actually turn your credit around. Mine is destroyed from my divorce. I mean its TANKED! I have heard stories of coming to SNI as 480ish and coming out after a couple years at a 700+. If this is the case, a lease deal could actually turn my whole life around, not just my career.

As I understand it, a person in my spot has the option of doing the following:

1. I have experience, but because I have been off the road for more then 3 months, I still need to rack up another 12 consecutive months with (OTR) experience. I don't have a problem with this really. Whats one more year company driving. I don't mind doing it with Schneider, I just frinkin hate orange on a truck. LOL

2. At 12 months consecutive months OTR (Without a break longer then 3 months) I can go into a "SMART" lease program. This program is set up for people like me with AWFUL credit and most likely, nothing down. It would put me in a decent ex-company truck. Ya, not the greatest thing on earth, but its a start. Then they "watch you like a hawk" and this program does not stop at the lease. Its all about building credit. This is where apparently, from multiple sources, I have heard credit reports not only rebound, but skyrocket!

2.5 If my credit actually is Bad to OK at the time, I might qualify for what they call ON-trac program. The only difference is that I would qualify for something else other then an Ex-company truck. Still used, but I am guessing like a Volvo 670, KW 600/660, 379, or 9400i with 300-600k on them. You know, budget large cars.

3. Both of these options would put me in a truck without the HUGE payment, but would in fact put me on the per mile Lease Program for the NEXT 12 months. This has the feel of other lease programs, but I have yet to hear someone say, I actually drove lease for SNI and it was bad yet. I hear just the opposite. I hear that they actually do partner well with the driver and make the truck profitable. Sure, I wont make much, if any, more then the company drivers, but the whole time I would be rebuilding my credit!

4. Unfortunately, I will have to do that for another 12 months before I can take advantage of what I really like about SNI. They have a revenue based program now. I know its not exactly Landstar or O/O, but it sure seems like a fit for me. "I" can see the loads available. "I" can see what it pays to the truck! "I" can see what it equates to per mile to the truck! "I" Get to pick and book the loads! It seems to me its just enough self control, and just enough company backing. Well for me anyways. Apparently its 65% of load revenue and all the extras. The site says:
<LI id=li_7>65% of line-haul revenue, 100% fuel surcharge, 100% accessorial paid to owner-operator <LI id=li_8>Owner-operators average $1.30-$1.35 per mile while selecting their own loads and average over $165,000 per year <LI id=li_9>Over 99% of the loads Schneider owner-operators select are no-touch <LI id=li_10>No trailer rental fees <LI id=li_11>Take advantage of Schneider’s Purchuse Power Program and receive big savings on fuel, tires, maintenance and other business costs <LI id=li_12>Schneider pays select tolls <LI id=li_13>Schneider offers delay compensation (stated in lease contract) <LI id=li_14>No fee or usage charge for use of Qualcomm <LI id=li_15>Paid orientation in Charlotte, North Carolina <LI id=li_16>No hidden deductions
This just seems right up my ally. But I would like to hear from SNI Lease drivers for the real scoop and advice. I am not looking for, "stay away from ALL lease deals!" I understand that argument and agree. But is it not possible for there to be a decent program out there? I would love to hear from the horses mouth. And take into account, I don't have the credit or surplus to just go out and buy a Rig and trailer with its own authority. BUT MAN, would I love to have some control over my truck. I go out for long periods of time when I am driving. With that, I get comfortable. I like to take not just a TV, but Sat TV box, XBOX, Computer. NOBODY lets you install an inverter anymore. So we get our clothes, some stupid old tapes, and a TV that receives nothing in most areas (if you pay extra for a TV that plugs into the CIG!). Let alone the ugly colors and crap. I mean, lets face it, there are perks to going L/O.

Take into account that this if true could repair my credit! This just does not seem to be a drive for 3 months and now pay US to drive kinda deals. So tell me SNI drivers, what has YOUR experience been? Is this one of those rare "decent" programs. I am not looking for perfect, just fair.

I think at leat 90 percent would like to know.

Over and out Wc5B.

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