road transport refrigeration equipment


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Road transport refrigeration equipment is a increasingly growing market, which is mainly based on the transportation requirement of the temperature sensitive products, including food/beverage, medicine, chemicals, plants, and other flowers.That is what we usually called "cold chain".

The demands for refrigeration equipment are also affected by the trade mode and transportation costs.Trade patterns determines the development of the transportation services, at the same time, which in turn, affect the growth of the road transport refrigeration equipment market.Other factors that affect road refrigeration market growth include environmental laws and regulations, economy, politics, energy policy and technology development, because these factors has a great influence on transportation cost.Besides,overall economic conditions, consumer expenditure and domestic food consumption level all affects the growth of the industry.

One important factor to promote the development of the market is the development of road transportation in international trade. Due to the great flexibility of road transport,Europe's road transportation has become more and more developed.Each country has a highway connected with others, which instantly promote the growing of domestic and international trade.The proportion of road transport in international trade and logistics is more and more big, promoted the demand of the road transport refrigeration system, a growing number of frozen/refrigerated vehicles on the road has promoted the growing demand for the corresponding refrigeration equipment.

Temperature control in commercial road transport industry, the "transportation" field is very special, as for more research in this field, refrigeration transportation sector is expected in the next few years will have greater development.In recent years, the advanced technology has promoted the development of the road transport refrigeration equipment, such as the improvement of energy efficiency.Equipment engineering technology upgrade has been frozen/refrigerator car can run under different temperature, this makes the transport a variety of goods need different temperature of possible.At present, the research results have been directly improve the energy efficiency level of the transport refrigeration equipment.

To reduce the transportation cost and conform to the requirements of the stringent environmental emissions, transport refrigeration equipment market is rapid development towards high efficiency. Refrigeration transport equipment purchase, maintenance and operation cost of a chilled/frozen carriers, 50% of the entire life cycle cost, so it is necessary to optimize the transportation efficiency and cost.The latest technological innovation refrigeration equipment/system can reduce the loss of refrigerant, it is also beneficial to reduce fuel consumption and environmental pollution.World shipping industry hope that through the form of transportation tax deal with the increased cost of fuel price growth and environmental pollution, therefore, is expected to demand for high quality and efficient truck refrigeration equipment will be rapid growth.

Of chilled/frozen food consumption growth led to the freeze/refrigerated transportation service demand, it's for frozen/refrigerated transportation equipment has brought great business opportunities.The increase of the chilled/frozen food and beverage service delivery is also cause to promote the development of the market.It also promotes the related refrigeration system of the investment increase, to ensure the quality of the product transport.

The United States is the world's biggest transport refrigeration equipment market.Is one of the fastest growing market in the asia-pacific region, is expected to compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8%.The growth of the region is mainly due to the growth of population, the increasing of the rapid development of urbanization, middle-class consumers, westernized diet and family chilled/frozen food consumption increase.

At present the market mainly include carrier refrigerated transport, cold, mitsubishi heavy industries, Chereau SAS, wang EUROFRIGO S.R.L., GAH Refrigeration Limited, Morgan company and Wabash National Corporation, etc.