Owner Operator RMIS dropped the ball, making it hard for me to get a load booked.


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For those that don't know, RMIS handles compliance monitoring for brokerages, so they don't have to keep up with each and every carrier they work with. Truckstop.com owns them.

Anyway, I got my insurance renewed at the end of last month, as it is set to expire on the 15th of this month. As usual, I try to stay ahead of the game on things like this.( Shameless plug of my insurance video to follow ;) )

Sent my updated certificate to RMIS as they take care of most of the brokers I deal with.

Put a bid in on a load today, we negotiated our way to an agreement this evening. Then, they can't put me on the load because my insurance will be expired according to them.

So, lost that load, and now waiting to hear back from RMIS (most likely have to call them tomorrow) as I doubt they will respond to my after hours email. Also sent the certificate once again.
I'd love to join him in reality. The ridiculousness of today's laws are sooooo archaic.

If I come home from work and want to burn one over drinking, I stand the chance of losing my income. Yet, a drunk can go out and kill someone and get slapped on the wrist and told not to do it again or he/she'll get another slap on the wrist.

I need to teach Willie how to roll one. That looks sloppy as hell. It'll run and he'll lose some unburned weed.
8/2016. My insurance renewal was always done on 7/23 each year.

My insurance company failed to file my 91X (insurance coverage) with the fmcsa.

Fmcsa had sent me a letter to the address for my MC number notifying me of this.

You have to bear in mind, any record changes to your DOT number and your MC number are(were) entirely separate systems and required DIFFERENT forms to change mailing addresses…

I had changed the DOT OFFICE address and made sure the DOT MAILING address went directly to my house. 160 MILES apart from each other.

SOMEONE at fmcsa decided to take my DOT OFFICE address and made it my MC MAILING address even though I NEVER filed the form for it….

Flash forward to 9/6 and I go to book a load…

My authority is suspended…

Because of the failure of my insurance provider…

And an unrequested change (admitted to by a supervisor) by FMCSA…

We lost the ability to run 3 trucks for a full week.


It sucks. It happened.

Should have been planned for and you need to babysit this shit EVERY renewal. Whether you think you should or not.

Joys of being a motor carrier and having that insurance as a requirement to do your business.

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