Retailers Concerned Over New Trucking Rules


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Retailers Concerned Over New Trucking Rules
WASHINGTON — A U.S. Court of Appeals decision that reduces the number of hours a day a commercial truck driver can be on the road to 10 hours from 11 hours has some in the supply chain concerned about its impact on getting goods to the stores during the critical holiday season.

The Appeals Court for the District of Colombia partially overturned a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rule limiting the number of hours a truck driver can be on the road, as well as the 34-hour restart provision that allowed drivers to restart their weekly count of hours after they have taken a break of 34 hours. The decision, handed down July 24, vacated two of the rules, citing various procedural issues identified during the rule-making process, but "did not say those rules were unsafe," according to the American Trucking Association. Exclusive business and financial news from WWD


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My company is still telling people to follow the old rules. I know they filed an appeal, i havent heard anything about them getting a stay.


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Yeah, for drivers, nothing has changed yet. No new rules have been adopted and until then, we continue with the old rules. No telling how long this will drag on.

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