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Here is what we got back from her. Not an automated response, but not encouraging either...


I certainly am aware of the situation with gasoline and diesel prices and I have heard from a number of truckers who have told me that they can barely afford to fill their tanks.

I wish I could tell you that I have a solution to this crisis but on the state level...about all that could be done is to eliminate or reduce some of the State fuel tax on gasoline and diesel and so far, the Governor has said he doesn't think this is necessary. On the Federal level about all you hear addressed is that we have to have a new energy policy so that we are less dependent on foreign oil, however, I am not aware of any actual steps being taken in that area. As you stated, each time you go to the grocery store, prices have increased because of the increased fuel costs to bring the products into the store. I am only aware of very minimal action that could be taken on state level as this is a nationwide problem. I would suggest that you might call Congressman Joe Donnelly's office and see what response you get...the number is 574-288-2780. After having read this back, it appears to be an attempt to evade the answer when in fact, I simply don't know what the answer is on a state level. I had heard that there was some movement to have a caravan of semis around the State House in protest but I don't exactly know what that would accomplish other than get the issue into the media. I appreciate that you have taken the time to contact me and I will be glad to assist in any way that I this point, we need to make certain that our Federal government knows what a hardship this is on all of us.

Rep. Nancy Dembowski

The New Yorker

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Unfortunately she's right and makes valid points. This is a national issue, and something Congress has to tinker with. Again unfortunately.