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Well, I replied in about eight threads already, better put something up here before too many questions are asked. I work at TransAm out of Olathe KS, been there for over a year, got about 18 months driving OTR. I have been a lease operator with them since I started with them. I will answer honestly any questions about them, but I am not here to recruit you, if you work for them, want to work for them, to be blunt I don't care. Because I would only refer someone that I know personally. I don't care about the referral bonus that much to jeopardize someones career. TA is not a newbie friendly company. Anyways enough of my rant.


And here is a pic of my truck:

Welcome to the forum. I have never done a lease purchase due to all the negative stories about them. Are you doing well with this lease purchase?
I do well, otherwise I wouldn't do it.
Nice truck,

Some people think they will do well, but get stuck with the lease stuff. I think a lot of it depends on how how you work. If your are willing to put in effort you will be fine. Am I right?

It's work. Plain and simple. I run legal and I make it just fine, if I ran illegal I would have a ton of money. But the risks out weigh the costs. 5 grand plus 5 years in jail is not good, and thats just for violating logs, involuntary manslaughter if someone gets killed in your accident. But here is the easy way to think about it, I can do 1.5 times as good as a company driver, but then if I have a bad week I can do 1.5 times as bad. There have been weeks that I did not receive a check, it wasn't because I didn't get loads it was Christmas and I took four days off that week. But still ran enough to cover all my expenses. Not all lease programs are like that. TA has a walk away lease, don't like it? Give them two weeks, they will be glad to put you in a company truck or let you go on your merry way.
Interesting. I have thought about leases in the past. I might consider this company if I ever do go for it.

I think where many people fail in leases is that they are all excited about being an owner operator, but have put no thought into the fact that they are going to be actually running a business.
Welcome to the site TJ...Honesty is such a nice change

Look forward to talking with you!
They are moving to T660's, it will be years before the whole fleet is 660's. Currently they are phasing out the classic XL's and century's. Next will be the columbias. The majority of the fleet is T600s.

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