Recommendations for headlight bulb improvement


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Anybody try any aftermarket headlight bulbs that have a brighter, higher wattage bulb that they would recommend? I don't want to blind others, but I see some trucks with a brighter beam than most. It also can be safer. Thanks
xenon bulbs will give you much more light than any other bulb on the market.

Just make sure your headlights are aimed properly, as these lights are very strong, and very blinding if they are pointed improperly.
Do the Xenon bulbs cost much more than the normal lights? They do seem a lot better than the others, I was just wondering about cost and life of the bulb.
You can get the bulbs at Walmart, or any automotive store probably. They do cost more, but they are worth it.
The xenon bulbs are definitely brighter and a little costlier. Take Bullwinkle's advice and make sure to aim them properly or you'll be the only person on the road seeing what the need to see.

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