Rates falling in LTL; truckload "flattish" analyst says

NEW YORK -- After some gains in the first part of the decade, carriers haven't been able to pass along rate increases as easily over the last couple years and that looks to remain the case in the near future, says a leading New York-based transportation market research firm.

And since the American truck drivers have shown an unwillingness to stand together, and instead have we won't support it,it can't be done attitude it will be the drivers that the trucking companies will tell, hey we can't pass on our increased costs to operate let alone a rate increase so we cannot raise your pay any.
If the American truck drivers don't start to work together to make the necessary changes we need we will soon be hearing from them companies something like, Hey mr. truck driver our rate are falling and besides you are making way to much anyhow after all is is the us the company and its office employees doing all the hard work slaving in front of a hot computer screen all day while all you do is hold a steering wheel a few hours a day so there are going to be some changes,starting with a reduction in what you are paid to just sit in your truck and enjoy all that nice fresh air!!
the driving professionals need to wake up and stop being so willing to take it in the shorts we need to stand together and say enough is enough

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