Raising Big Rig Fees, Fines


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Lawmakers Consider Raising Big Rig Fees, Fines
DENVER -- With the Western Slope oil and gas boom increasing heavy truck traffic, a government advisory panel looking for ways to maintain Colorado's highways is considering raising fees and fines for overweight trucks.

Federal law allows trucks up to 80,000 pounds on all interstates and federal bridges, while Colorado permits trucks up to 85,000 pounds on state roads. Truckers hauling greater weights need permits that help pay for the extra damage done to the state's roads.

An audit last year found that most of Colorado's fees and fines haven't been adjusted since the 1980s and are among the lowest in the country.
Of course they are going to raise fees, they raise everything they can to milk everyone. Truckers are an easy mark it seems. Fines, Fees, Insurance, Authority. Just seems to be overwhelming at times.

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