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it is so quiet in here. I am getting tired of talking to myself...LOL:p
Yeah, that is one of the tough parts of getting a new forum going, getting people to hang around once they show up until more show up, LOL.

It is especially hard with a forum like this because with truck drivers, it might be a few days or a couple weeks in between visits.
Sorry, we've been so busy lately with yard work that we haven't had time to take a breath, let alone post.
Can definitely understand that. Got to take advantage of the warm weather while it is here. :)
I forgot about the site, LOL. Just found it today again doing a search for the CFI/Con-Way merger. I have it bookmarked now so I won't forget it anymore. :)
Well not it's so hot here (102-105) that no one is out doing anything at all. It's miserable so maybe more will be posting online since the heat of the Summer is upon us.....

It's as bad as the deep cold of winter!
Okay, I am back.. Sorry.. Have had some "issues" lately. I will be around for a while now! Looking forward to chatting w/ you all again :)
I see a lot of people "viewing" but they don't post.


hehe maybe that will help.
I'm viewing and posting...are you happy now?

You need to do more posting too. If oyu posted more I'd have more to respond to....

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