Purchasing a New laptop. Any suggestions?


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I am thinking about purchasing a new laptop to I can keep up with all of my expenses out on the road, as well as get online when I am stopped at various places.

I recently left a trucking company that I had gotten fed up with, and decided to stay off the road for a few weeks just to take a much needed break. I will be pursuing another driving job very soon and want to take a computer on the road with me this time.

Anything special I need to know as far as things I will need in the computer to get online? I have a regular computer here at home, but have never owned a laptop, or been online at all while out on the road. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

With Window Vista out, I would make sure that the computer came with this, and that you had at least 1 gig of RAM. To install Windows Vista on a machine, Microsoft recommends 1 Gig of RAM, but for some reason, brand new computers are being built with less than that.

Since you are going to be on the road, make sure the laptop has wireless capabilities built in.

Other than that, I don't know that any specific brand is any better than the other. Unless you are looking for a laptop with all the bells and whistles, you can most likely get a new one with both of the mentioned features for around $800.

Good luck.
I have the search narrowed down to a Toshiba I seen at Best Buy. Probably going to go get it this weekend if my tax return money makes it by then.
Let us know how you like it if you get it. Might be some others here looking for a new computer soon :)
Got a laptop with Windows Vista. Went with a Toshiba. I got some sort of wireless card that plugs into it with unlimited access via Cingular (which is where my cell service is through). Supposedly, I can basically connect at high speed anywhere I have phone service. We shall see.

Leaving out after a few weeks off between jobs next week. Been a nice long vacation, but now it is time to get started again.

Will be getting that CoPilot GPS as well, and will keep checking the thread here and the site to see when it is made compatible with Vista. Can't wait. :)
So how is this laptop working out for you? I am in the market for a new one as well and I was going to get a new Dell but I am hearing more and more about Toshiba. Also, are you getting good service with Cingular? I have heard that they don't get good connections around here but I wondered with driving OTR where all you get good signals.. Thanks for any info!
I can't stand Vista and I'm glad I had the option of staying with XP. I'd rather upgrade AFTER the programs are made compatible.
I have heard a lot of people have had problems with vista. If you plan on keeping up with miles like for an OO you would want a business program in the computer to do graphs and stuff to keep up with business expenses. I use to use Microsoft Money maker. Also make sure there is a wireless connection and a wireless card. Get as much memory as you can afford it's easier to have extra memory than to try and add extra memory on the road. Check out the specifics and make sure that you have what you need.
Some of the rest areas have free wi-fi for truckers as well as some of the plaza’s I am told. Now the truck stops have access codes that you must have to enter their wi-fi parameters. I am not sure how this works as I have not used wi-fi.
Yes, I wonder that as well. I still recommend the Acer computers. I find them to be the best laptops for the money.
don't know anything about accer but i like the HP's. personally don't spend a fortune on a truck computer. too many things can happen and go wrong to it. years ago i just bought a cheap laptop out of a pawn shop and i haven't ever have had an issue with it.
Acer laptops are really durable physically and have all the bells and whistles without the weight or cost of other brands. You can get the same specs as an HP for less money, less weight and fewer problems.
I got a Toshiba with Vista and 2 Gig of RAM. Haven't had any problems so far with it.

thats a nice pick up . hope you enjoy it. when i had mine otr i also ran off my cingular phone using an aircard. some places are better than others but the freedom of being able to use it almost anywhere compared to only at truckstops was worth the occassional aggrevation it would give me.
Here's a newbie's look at things ...
If you want a laptop that will handle the rough enviroment of a truck driver, go with a Panasonic Toughbook, CF-28. I got mine off of Ebay, half the price of a new all plastic laptop that will break if dropped. Toughbooks are designed for military/police/industrial use. Harddrives enclosed in a gel pak, water resistant, metal casings. They also have Windows 2000 pro or XP pro installed on them. I'm running 2000 pro, wireless cards, DVD drive, TV card, so I have everything in one durable package, less space and power consumption. I will add the GPS program as soon as I know where I'll be running. These used laptops cost new over $3000.00 bucks, I paid 349.00 plus shipping, I added a warranty to keep things covered just in case. Just stay away from a dealer called Computer Products on Ebay, he's a crook! He will send you something not like the picture on his auction.

I have 4 other toughbooks, older models, and they keep on working. Parts interchange between some models so if you have one, you can keep it going for as long as you want to.
Acer laptops are really durable physically and have all the bells and whistles without the weight or cost of other brands. You can get the same specs as an HP for less money, less weight and fewer problems.
I can't agree more with you on that one. i bought a aspire 4520 last tuesday it has 2 gigs of mem, 120 on the hard drive, vista home premium, amd turion 64 dual core processor, microsoft works and a bult in webcam among many more features. and it only cost me 458 bucks.

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