Protection even at the cost of his life


Beloved dog dies after saving baby from fire

That close bond may explain why the beloved canine made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the baby. And while Polo did not survive the blaze, Viviana is likely alive today because the dog remained with her. When firefighters finally arrived and got to little Viv, Poremski says they discovered the dog still covering her with his body, and Viv only suffered burns on her arm and side because of it. Paramedics were reportedly able to revive her at the scene.


Gonna go give Whitey a hug now.


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A preacher I know was lamenting the fact that one of his peers was pining away for his pal in a hospital.
This preacher picked up the pooch, tried to fashion a 'harness' from his belt
[the preacher's belt I mean, not the dog's belt. Most dog's don't wear belts],
put on a pair of shades and lead the pooch
[ok, that was a mistake. :p]
to the invalid's floor.

A nurse busted him between the elevator and the room...
and he told her he was blind.

She told him she was going to call security...
in 10 minutes.

Not relevant, nessicarily...
except that the patient rebounded quite a bit that day and claimed he felt better than he had in a week...
which was the kickoff to a full recovery.
I just thought you'd enjoy the story about a boy and his dog...
and a lying preacher!