Professional Drivers Medical Depots Suffers Setback In Arkansas


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The state medical board in Arkansas has handed a setback to a brand-new West Memphis truck stop health clinic that caters exclusively to truckers.

The Professional Drivers Medical Depots clinic at the Petro truck stop is still open. However, its founder, Dr. John McElligott, said the medical board on Wednesday, Aug. 1, refused to renew the licenses of two physician assistants who provided most of the care.

“When we went to the board, they said, ‘We’re not renewing it. We don’t think this clinic needs to be there, it’s taking patients away from the doctors in the community’ … and there were a lot of questions about where the money was going,” McElligott told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio. “Well, the money’s going back into the system to help drivers all over. There’s nobody in this to make money.”


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