Pool is my game and Trucking is a living


Billiards and Trucking do go together and I am proof of that. I have a degree in computer science and I play a lot of pool. Pool is a game that anyone can play and you can play from a very young age and you can keep playing untill you can't get around the table anymore.
My grandson is learning at the age of 4 and one of my friends and team mates on the APA 8 ball league is now 78....he plays really good too!

Billiards and Trucking involve sciences of many disciplines.
Many class room have seen billiards shots as demonstrations of mathematics and physics and they both involve psychology, philosophy, geography, physiology.

You may ask what does pool have to do with geography and you only have to look at the history of the game to see the answer to that. Billiards evoled from croquet and came for Europe and it is now a world wide sport and has evolved into the games of snooker and pool. The World Billiards Association (their web site is at 2007 World Pool Championship - The Official Site ) holds tournaments around the globe and most recently in the world has seen pool tournaments of various kinds in the Philippines, Holland, Taipei, China, and don't forget the old USA in Las Vegas, NV., San Diego, Ca., Hollywood, Fl., Valley Forge, Pa. and soon in Louisville, Ky. How much more geography can we stand?

BAT Forum - Billiards and Trucking Forum by BigRigToys in Southern California is a new attempt to unite the competition, recreation and sport aspects of Billiard with the Open Road - Free Range Cowboy attitude of the average Over-The-Road Trucker and the transportation industry in general.

I have been playing pool since I was 12 years old (that makes it over 45 years now) and I have been in the truck transportation industry since I was 17 which makes that over 40 years now.

I have met many truckers who enjoyed playing pool. As I become more involved in playing pool myself I see that there are many pool players who have an interest in trucking. I say why not capitalize on the similarities and the differences.
Come join the discussion at The BAT-Forum maybe you'll learn something new, maybe you'll teach us all something new and maybe you'll just enjoy the lively discussions. It's win win all the way.

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