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If you are running your own here's basic fundamentals:

  • You own your own equipment, you run your company, your should know how much it takes to make a decent living you should know how many loads you need to accomplish your goal each month.
  • Never, never, never, let ANYBODY set your rate Never, you set the rates, its your company, you're running the load , take control set the rate and while you're at it, when you find your rate set the conditions i.e. detention, TONU, lumper, advance etc.
  • A plumber would never let you tell him how much you're going to pay him for plumbing your pipes would he? Then WHY would you EVER allow ANYBODY to tell you how much it's going to cost them for you to run their load? That's the most absurd way to run a business I ever heard.

You are giving the brokers the idea they have the power, NO, you have the equipment, they want it, find out where the loads out number the trucks and get there and wait for your rate.

You’re in business, shame on you if you don't have a computer, get a mapping program, you run the miles, you, not the broker, you and you set the rate. If you do this fuel prices are irrelevant, because your rate will always go up with fuel; that's the easiest math in the whole wide world.

Stop blaming others if you are not taking absolute control of your business if it fails it’s not because of fuel prices or what the brokers are paying on freight. Learn how to market your equipment and trust that the market will meet you at your price eventually.

Have patience pray if you pray and have faith that God will answer, I have found he is very faithful and a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Obviously the brokers are going to try to talk you down on your price, give them this answer yes I'll take X $ off but it will cost 40 minutes of availability, if I haven't found my rate in 40 minutes I'll take off X $ amount. Yes you could lose the load but yes they could lose you too, when it's time for them to move the load I promise you they'll just pay your rate and not wait. If you take some off always get a concession like making them hand write in your conditions for detention or a TONU cost, etc. "Basics"
Very good points, OXN, and this is a good base model for all owner operators to go by.
Excellent points!!!!!!! A lot of people are lazy and just want to drive and not "sweat all the small stuff" and those are the ones who let brokers and shipppers walk all over them. Unfortunately, they are also the ones who need to purge out of the industry to keep capacity at a level for the business truckers who do the details to make a profit and stay in business another year. I am thriving right now running 20 trucks (thank the Lord!) mainly because we haul for good shippers when we can and stay away from any broker as much as possible.

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