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We don’t have that much in the load
We’d be taking too much loss
I’d rather turn it back
We just can’t do that
Can you bring that rate down?
We run these at a certain rate all day
Why you charge so much?
How do you justify what you make?

All these say one thing, the shipper and /or the broker deserves to make an abundant profit, we expect to do that on your tender mercies and limited means, not ours, we expect you to make less than you deserve or need so we can swim in all the money we are making off of you. You don’t need all that money, what are you gona do with it anyway, or because we found the load we deserve to have all the financial benefits of it. Never mind that this office makes 300, 400 in many cases 500-700 even a 1000.00 dollars on some loads, this is a credibility issue here, I don’t want my shippers or other members in the office to know I didn’t keep my numbers up, keep their numbers up is code talk for “make the most money on the cheapest rate to the shipper”
It’s nothing for an office to make 17,000 dollars a day (about 12,000 of which should be going to the truckers) and at the end of the day they’re still talking about “oh I’d be losing on the load if I booked it for that much”.

When do we realize its all a bunch of bull and do something about it? Tell them, what’s in the load is irrelevant, it doesn’t change my rate. the idea that you are going to take a loss: if I reduce my rate I’ll take a loss too, so do you want to pass your loss to me because you didn’t book the load for enough? You or the shipper taking a loss is irrelevant to what it cost to run my business. Do you or the shipper tell Fedex you are going to take a loss when you have to use them? I think not.All their argument fall on the fact you set the rate, based on what it cost to run your business profitably, legally and feasibly. The shipper or the broker don't set rates, you are doing the service you set your rates. Tell them you are not allowed to prevent their loss, Tell them you are not allowed to accept regular rates. You don’t have to argue with them, I never argue with them, If they don't like my rate I politely get off the phone as fast as I can they'll be other calls to take. I know so well why I need to make “if “ I have time I’ll explain a little to them, Yes I can be accommodating and sometimes on a slow day I need too, sometimes I pull back some but I try not to all the times. If I pull back 100.00 dollars on every load all month for about ten loads I just gave up a 1000 dollars and the the chance to pay for my son’s college or my daughters wedding or just having enough to take them to a movie or put a 100 dollars in my mom’s hand to surprise her and make her happy. Truckers have all the reasons in the whole wide world to hold their rate. How did we get to where we are? How? How? HOOOOOW!!!

The brokers try and successfully make truckers feel like they are the greedy one for asking for higher amounts, some trucker do feel like its greedy to ask for more even though they're barely making it from day to day; I think they are being weak pansy's. that's because many of them have such a low self image of themselves.Truckers operate usually out of fear and impatience, have you not read "let patience have its perfect work" ? If you you have faith, prove it by standing up for what's right for you and your family, and your Lord don't make excuses to your family or church for not giving graciously if you're not being a man or woman enough to go out there and stand up for yourself, even if it means missing a few loads in the process. You deserve to make more, you do the work, you own 100,000+ of equipment not the broker, you go out there and lay it all on the line, you deserve to make a good living and to never have money or time issues, you work hard and make a tremendous contribution to society. you have to start believing you can get your rate, You can't ask for what you don't believe you can get. If you can't believe in yourself that's alright you should believe in someone higher than yourself anyway, and if you profess Christ how dare you settle for less than what the Lord has for you, that's like refusing to go into Canaan Land (the land of milk and honey)because the giants are over there. Ridiculous!!!!! God has already given you the Victory!!!!!