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War Word I

Winning the war on words
If you call a broker and ask how much a certain load pays, you just lost
If you let a broker tell you a load pays any certain amount you just lost
If you don’t run your own miles at least zip code to zip code you just lost

There are many ways to lose when booking a load from a broker, If you are not in complete and total control of your business on the phone the brokers and their agents are very astute at taking control of your business and determining how much you need to make all without even knowing how much it cost you to run your business.

The broker works in a competitive market like every one else here, the brokers that are booking freight for what needs to be in the load for the carrier and the broker are becoming fewer and fewer and most of the time they quote the carrier about 40% of what’s in the load and the carriers are settling for about 50%. Careers have been built on that simple process. Broker have gotten in the business, become completely wealthy and retired on that simple process. Now more and more the shippers are tuning to the cheapest quoting broker on hand until it gets down to the end of the day and trucks are scarce then they get charged expedited rate which can range in the 4, 5, 6 dollar a mile range, again if the broker can find a trucker to run it for 2 dollars a miles the deal is done and history is written. The Carriers (truckers) often allow the brokers to steal ALL the opportunity in the business from them, they go on oblivious to the truth not so much that they don’t know what’s happening they don’t believe they can do anything about it. So the Carriers (Truckers) whine and complain, bitch grip and moan about not making it.

Obviously you will never get all the truckers to unite when it comes to rates so most run cheap like Walmart but guess what they can’t individually run a high enough volume to win in the end. Let’s face it, the only one that you can change is you.

Understand this one principle, it’s late at night Walmart or any other Mart is nowhere to be found, you get a screaming headache, you find a COVENIENCE STORE, you buy a small pack of your favorite pain relief (Amazingly they just happen to have the one you love!!!!), you pay $1.50 for 2 (two) tablet’s instead of 50 tablet’s for like $5.25 and your headache is history. What did you just buy!!!? You bought convenience…….. If you are marketing yourself and your one truck is all you have to offer you can’t hold yourself out at Walmart prices. You are the mom and pop store.

Those of you that know your numbers and your market already know in today’s economy anything less than $3.90cpm is depriving your business, yourself and oftentimes your family. That may sound like and outrageous amount, especially for those of you that run cheap freight rates and have none other life than run, run, run, run, run!!!!!!!!
Guess what? The broker has a life, even the broker agents have a life, they see they’re loved ones every now and then, take them to the movies, go exercise at their favorite gym, and have home projects and all that kind a crap, Why do you allow yourself to be dehumanized only so you can stick you chest out and say I make a decent living, face it, if you run cheap you don’t have a life none, notta, zilch, you are a slave paid to believe you are free.

Before you call a broker or have them call you understand the market and your finances, you need to have a system of tracking miles i.e. a simple mapping program like Microsolf Streets and Trips, like a $30 dollar deal. When you call or when you receive a call you need to establish yourself as a Professional and conduct the course of the conversation as a business that does a service for your set rate, NOT ANY BODY ELSES SET RATE, many time when I first answer the phone they ask for dispatch (because I sound professional (that’s only expected of the receptionist nowaday’s lol!!!) Make it clear from the beginning, I can give you a quote but accepting other rates is against your company’s policy. If they lose their cool keep your cool and always be ready to get them off the phone immediately if they don’t accept you as an independent business person.

This changes the entire course and nature of the discourse and puts you in control of your business and your rates. Set up an Excel Spreadsheet, (discussed in detail later) and be ready to answer their question. Most of the time your rate is too high, not because its too high, but the broker and especially the broker agents are so out of touch with what it cost to run a truck business. You’ll go through about 30-40 call a day and maybe you won’t get your rate. Be committed to a process that gets you your rate even if you don’t get a load that day. I’ve gone eight days without a load like in January until I got my rate (Now that’s what I call a strike) and still manage to survive you can too.