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The Market
Every industry is driven by Demand and Supply where the demand is high the price increases where the supply out weights the Demand the prices decrease; Basic economics right? Wrong! When it comes to trucking instead of knowing the market, most truckers operate on fear instead of availing themselves to knowledge of the market. They take loads any day of the week at a regular rate completely oblivious to the fact they are the only truck available in a 200 mile radius and if they had ask for 4-5 time the amount they could have gotten it “without a fight”.

Hopefully you’ll see the need to avail yourself to a working knowledge of the market, No successful businessman or woman can be slack.

It a basic knowledge of finding out where the greatest demand in the market is and capitalizing on it, I’m not suggesting you charge more than what’s reasonable but the realistic amount that it takes to operate a truck, make a decent living and still have a little time for the important things in life like God, family, and yourself is unreasonable to the broker and shipper; they expect you to run every day of the month, live on that tin can, and not to expect to be able to bless your church in your giving or anyone else for that matter. As long as they’re making money and they can keep you operating from fear they own you, you’re a machine to them “a money machine”

Here are a few simple ways to have at least a glimpse of what the market is and in some cases you’ll be able to put your finger on it.

You should always start your basic research by doing a load search in the area you’re intending to operate in or where you just happen to be; If its say, midday see how many loads were posted for the whole day if you have you should have truck search capability. After searching the loads search the trucks in your area as well. If the loads out number the trucks good if not get out of there your chances of getting your rate is almost none. If the trucks are really low you have a better chance of getting a load

Lets say there are 33 trucks to 418 loads in the past 4 hours divide the trucks by the loads 33/418=.07 the chances of getting your rate is better the lower the answer is. Lets say in the past hour the loads were 94 and the trucks were 13 13/94=.13 not quit as good but if the load were like 94 and the trucks like 23, then 23/94= .23 definitely not as good but anything under I’d say .25 is pretty good. If its morning and you just delivered you still have time to deadhead to a better area. You can do these comparisons for the surrounding area within your driving reach.

Also lets say you got a load to say, Knoxville, TN today, before you even leave for Knoxville you can go to to the demo search and see how many loads are posted for tomorrow lets say its 1094, but you check Nashville and 1198 are posted “a little better chance, then you check a 180 miles away in Lexington, KY 1194 well ok but could be better, so you check 250 miles away Louisville, KY 1409 now you talking, so you check 255 miles away in Cincinnati, OH 1444, well ok, then you check 232 miles away in Elizabethtown, KY 1545 Bingo!!! 232 mile deadhead the least work for the best bang for your buck. You don’t know how many truck will show up but you’ll know where more of the loads are, you still may consider the other ones as well as getting to Elizabethtown has considerably more state and county routes if your run last night was long you probably shouldn’t move at all but if you got well rested you might be able to get to a better area.

Your goal should be to have brokers calling you, not you calling brokers.

I also watch the TRAN Stock Quote - Nasdaq OTC Index - Transportation Stock Quote - TRAN Quote - TRAN Stock Price on and the Market Indexes - Major Markets - NASDAQ - CBOE - AMEX - PSE - PHLX - S&P - Russell these offer in daily hourly graphic terms what the transportation market is doing, the biggest problem with this for me is that its not accurate, it seems that if the market is up today sometimes it doesn’t reflect on the ground until the next day, or if the market is weak it doesn’t really show until the next day but at other times its like right on the graphs are up and the phone is ringing off the hook but I’ve seen many times when the graphs were up and nobody seems to be calling. "Crazy Market" learn to love its your business!!!

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