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Ok, so you need to do a quote
You already know financially what you need to make to reach your goal, there are all the variables, like the obvious one fuel and the not so Obvious ones like fees, tolls, drops, layovers time, or detention and oh yes the differences in miles calculations. Now how long does it take you to quote that job?
Every run is different, and trying to wing it with your trusty calculator in many cases just won't cut it. So you say, I been getting by with out a spreadsheet and I'm doing just fine. Repeat after me “I’m" (comon) "too" "lazy" "to learn a better way" Now there, you got it all out in open, now you can decide to do something different for a change in yo life!!! I promise if you try you'll find spreadsheets easy, useful, and fanatically addictive, yes I said addictive
Anyone that has engaged in spreadsheets for any length of time will tell you, not just hours pass, I mean days "days" can go by before you surface with your very own super powered invincibly perfect and useful spreadsheet, you'll even have the desire to guard it, swearing that if it can get market it'll sell like hotcakes. Some how when you come back to it three weeks later you're utterly embarrassed you felt that way.

Huuuuuwhoooooo, Where to start? The hardest part doing spreadsheets is getting a computer (if you don't already have one) opening up the Excel program, and trying some very basic things. So if you've gotten that far you're half way there.
When you open it up all you'll see is a bunch of boxes, but look a little closer across the top is a letter for every box and along the left side is a number for every box. Each box can do calculations and can take and use in its calculation any number that appears in any other box from the whole sheet, i.e. let's say box a1 (it doesn't matter if you use lower case letters or upper case) equals the loaded miles of 575 simply type in 575 now let's say your rate needs to be 2..05 per mile in b1 type the equal sign =2.05*a1(you can also click on a1 instead of having to type it in and it will appear after the * which is the multiplication function for the spreadsheet, press enter and your answer will be given. Now there you've just done your first spreadsheet function; every time you change the miles the
answer in b1 will be automatically given. Now lets say DH miles in a2 is 135mi type in a2 135 "enter" then go to b2 and do =a2*.65 then press enter for your answer assuming you charge .65cpm for DH REMEMBER TO LABLE EACH BOX i.e. Loaded Miles for the loaded miles box.

Go to box a3 and hit the Σ at the top of you page, then "enter" you just summed up your loaded miles a1 and your DH miles from a2 do the same for b3 and sum your cost for loaded and DH miles. Now go to c3 press=b3/a3 and "enter" it gives you your new rate of 2.20cpm including DH miles. Now go all the way down to a9 if your fuel mileage is 6mpg type in 6 in a10 type in the current fuel per gallon price, lets just say 3.85 in a11 type in =a3/a9 "enter" you get the gallons in a4 type=a11*a10 "enter" you get your fuel cost. Let’s say at 3 dollar a gallon you had enough, you want to create a fuel surcharge. Go to a box lets say c9 type =a10-3 "enter" you get the difference from the current fuel price and 3 dollars Next go to b4 type =c9*a11 "enter" you just added the difference times the amount of gallons. in box b5 type =b3+b4 "enter" you get your price with fuel surcharge. Now go to a6 for each drop you charge 50 bucks enter 50 in a7 you charge 300 bucks for each day layover enter 300 Now go to c6 lets say they got two drop load enter 2 in b6 type =c6*a6 "enter" you get you charge for drops go to c7 enter 1 for one day layover and go to b7 type =c7*a7 "enter that’s your layover. Now go to b8 type =sum(b5:b7) "enter you get the sum of b5,b6,and b7your total price, isn’t that neat?

Ok that’s the basics, go get em tiger!!!! Oh but wait here a couple a tid bits to help you get your eye on the line you want to see when you're under the gun.
You can increase the size of your final sum price helps you see it… can take the curser to the top of the page between two letters, double click and hold and widen the numbers can fit………. You can highlight any number of boxes go to format at the top of the page then cell then Number and reduce the decimal places after the numbers in the box…….also if you have certain boxes you input info into and you want to avoid those that you don't you can go to format, cell, border, pick a border, type on outline and ok and you'll add borders to your input box….format, cell allows you to color the box or the fonts in the box or even choose which boxes you want to protect so no one can make a mistake and write over those boxes. After you choose which boxes you want to protect you'll have to go to Tools and protect Spreadsheet and protect or lock your spreadsheet if you like. The color bucket in the top right also colors the box and the A color, colors the fonts (letters)

A final note: You are a business man or woman, spreadsheets is your business, it makes you look competent, professional, and in charge of your operation. They really are quite easy and fun, but more than that they are very useful.

As with any of my postings, your comments and suggestion are appreciated. You can find my other postings on the Truckers Forum by typing PLAY BOOK in the search box that always appears in the upper right of the Truckers Forum. May God richly bless you to have the success you deserve!