Pilot No Longer Accepting Visa / Mastercard For Diesel Fuel Purchases


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Pilot Travel Centers LLC – which boasts of being the largest over-the-road diesel retailer in the U.S. – is the latest truck stop chain to stop accepting Visa and Mastercard at the pump.

Baumann, an OOIDA member and company driver from Michigan City, IN, said he just wants to use his card at the pump to save time rather than go inside and pay at the fuel desk.

The change was made so Pilot could stop hemorrhaging “significant” quarterly losses due to chargebacks, according to Mitch Steenrod, senior vice president and chief financial officer for the Knoxville, TN-based Pilot.

Chargebacks are a credit card process by which credit card banks bill merchants after a cardholder claims either fraud or incorrect charges, according to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Chargebacks are used when credit card fraud occurs, and occasionally during “friendly fraud,” when a consumer uses their card but reports it as a fraudulent charge.

If a customer uses a credit card and disputes the charge or the amount charged, Pilot has little evidence to fight a bill from the card company, Steenrod said.

“If it’s done at the pump terminal, I can’t prove it because I don’t have a signature, so there’s no way to stop it,” Steenrod told Land Line Magazine.
Flying J started doing this with Visa back around June, but not for Mastercard as well. If the fraud charges are that big of a problem, then I would expect the rest of the major truck stop chains to do the same before too long, that or come to an agreement with the credit card companies where it is required that the driver come inside to sign the fuel receipt.
I think everyone should have to sign the receipts.... it is just a lot safer to help prevent the fraud and help track down the frauder that used the card as well...
Ok, that isn't good news at all. I think that you should always have to sign anyway. It is just crazy to let someone walk in and run out.. IDK I do like the convenience of pay at the pump though so I guess I understand. I just think it is bad that they aren't taking these anymore.
Even with a signed reciept it doesn't help much. So many drivers simply refuse to sign paperwork. They do this by "signing" with a scribble that is unreadable. You cannot even read it when you ask them to print it below it. Then try tracking thousands of little slips of paper. This is a problem we are having at our company right now.
I don't blame them for the no pay at pump deal. It's bad enough with cars and the gas prices. A Truck would be huge and cost thousands very quickly in just a few chargebacks. This is a case of blame the drivers, not the business.
I can see their point, I mean with thousands of dollars being lost daily, they would have to do something.
I can't imagine it. I mean how on earth would you begin to fight it? I suppose a time stamp and pulling security cameras....the cost to get your money wouldn't make it worth the effort. It would cost thousands every single time.....you get hundreds back!
With every convenience someone comes along to spoil it for the rest. With fuel prices as they are some are looking for ANY way to cut corners. You can't blame it all on the truckstops they are just trying to keep their cost down.
Just get your veri-chip implanted in your hand, thats the goal.Then they just scan it and they know everything about you and where you are at all times. Its already here. Does 666 ring any bells?
No, the goal is that when you get fuel, you PAY FOR IT! There is another word for this activity: stealing.

When a company suffers losses because of theft that cost has to be passed on to us. Blame the drivers who are liars and thieves.
Cash is on the way out, plastic is on the way out, micro- chips are on there way in. Face it!

FDA letter also cites the risk of "compromised information security" among its concerns. The VeriChip ID implant, about the size of a grain of rice, uses radio waves to transmit medical and financial account information to reader devices. There is a risk that these transmissions could be intercepted and duplicated by others or that the devices could be used to track an individual's movements and location.
Microchips will take quite awhile to gain a foothold. Fist they have to mandate it for newborns...to protect the child of course....then the media will get in on it with a sand looking reporter shaking her head at the crackpots with their conspiracy theories......which she will mention after deaths that could have been prevented if only the person had been implanted so that the EMTs had their information faster....

Yes, I've given this some thought.....
Saw a great dvd yesterday about microchips, taxes etc...done by the director of the movie "Trading Places". It was incredible. There are microchips small enough to be in the dot of this "i".

That will keep me up nights.....
Saw a great dvd yesterday about microchips, taxes etc...done by the director of the movie "Trading Places". It was incredible. There are microchips small enough to be in the dot of this "i".

That will keep me up nights.....[/quote

Was it Arron Russo's, America Freedom To Fascism???

He exposed the fact the income tax is illegal.

Here are a couple more that needs to be seen.

[SIZE=+1]The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside View of International Banking by G. Edward

[/SIZE][SIZE=+1]The Great Conspiracy[/SIZE]
If you go to wikipedia and look up the defination of "Friendly Fraud"

you'll see that in todays society thieves are ordering seafood and Steaks and other food products online,

everything and anything and when it gets to them

They Dispute the charge because it does not taste right.. or doesent look right

and the seller gets charged back Or fuel pump had water in it or charged the wrong amount , Steling with an excuse.

The fact of life is before 1950 there were no credit cards.

The whole reason for the Foreclosure Crisis, the existance of collection agencies, Repos, Collection lawyers etc

Is simply because of the misuse of Credit..
"Pay as you go and never owe" Pay cash .
and if you can't afford that car or house
SAVE UP AND PAY CASH.. and everyone would avoid all of this heartache..
That's how our forfathers started this country.
Think about it !!
Pay with cash and get a cash receipt,
Credit cards, loans, Mortgages bring grief to 95% of folks

As a famous " Wise Man said there are two types of people in the world Mr. Green and Mr. Pull it

And because of it the economy is so bad the Mob had to lay off 6 Judges and Exon had to let go of 12 Senators

Happy Holidays
Sounds similar to buying something online then saying you never received it....

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