Pictures I have made for Shutdown and Convoy


Drivers unite
Oil up again today and the dow sliding, one week the national unemployment should be a big factor on the stock market. That will be the time we shutdown and hope we can cause the market to slide more. We have been sitting since April 1st and will continue. I have noticed a decline in trucks the last week, I think the fuel is putting more drivers per week out. I see the shippers and brokers are now getting frustrated because the loads are not moving as they should. I have had a few of our brokers asking what it will take to move product, and I give them the price. I have had a couple of ignorant brokers who we never dealt with tell me I am nuts, I tell them maybe I am, but I am the one with the machinery that they need to do their job. I have informed a couple of our clients that we will no longer haul anything for less than our price. I think it is becoming a reality to the trucking industry that we have a major problem, and now the cheap freight haulers are starting to drop like flies because they can not operate like they have been, and they have just postponed the inevitable. I have noticed and talked with people who work for big plants here, and they are cutting back on production, because they can't move the product. We are winning, but it is a slow process.


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