Personal Weakness


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High carb foods, doesn't matter the kind. Breads, you know, bread and butter, garlic bread, breadsticks, any breads.

On a side note. Pretty girls are a personal weakness also. They just smile at me and I will do anything they want. :)


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Been craving salty foods lately, and mega sweets. Dang Hope I am not "with child" hehe, okay I am a guy. But I had weird cravings right along with my wife when she had them.


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chinese food for me, but really just food in general is a weakness for me. I LOVE food with a passion,lol. wich is why i am as fat as i am.

There was a running joke for a bit amongst my family that i chose my routes based on the buffets in the area.


Oh boy... food. Chinese, pekingese to be exact. There's an excellent restaurant within couple of hundred yards from my house.
Then again, an inch thick steak with some fine creamy pepper sauce with creamy garlic potatoes - to die for.

This reminds me - gotta eat something. :)

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