Pay attention to the big rigs on the road


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Pay attention to the big rigs on the road
Greensboro News Record, NC

When was the last time you got in the car and thought about driving? For me, it was two weeks ago, when I traded in a big, boxy sedan for a tiny convertible coupe.
Driving it home on the interstate, I could see only the hubcaps of tractor-trailers alongside me. An accident that would have damaged my old car would obliterate my new one. That made me notice the behavior of others with new respect.
Fast Forward asked a longtime professional truck driver how cars look from the cab of a big rig.
Bobby Lighty, 31, of High Point, has been a professional truck driver for 10 years.
Lighty said one of the first things he looks for when a passenger vehicle drives up beside him is how attentive the driver is. If a car is alongside his truck, he usually can see the driver and tell whether that person is talking on the phone or reading directions.
Cars tend to change lanes as soon as they pass the truck. The truck can't even see the car alot of times.
I always pay attention to big trks little trks cars busses plains trains u name it should be more that pay attention but thatll never happen
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